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Data Management: Taming the Beast

By now we’ve all been familiarized with the latest industry buzzword – Big Data. But unlike other buzzwords, the term “Big Data” is pretty straightforward. More customers are online, doing more things and giving marketers an ever-increasing amount of data (activity, preferences, purchases, page views, posts, ect.) to work with. While it may be easy […]

A Good Call-to-Action – How do You Do It?

Click here to learn how to write amazing calls to action! Just kidding. Don’t click here, don’t ever “Click Here”. The Internet has been around long enough that when customers see different-colored text, they’re able to recognize that it’s a link. In fact, “Click Here” is so played out that at Knotice, we’ve considered implementing […]

Apology Emails – When and How to Say You’re Sorry

It’s been awhile, but if you remember Part One of this story, you’ll recall that I received an email simply asking me for information from my insurance provider, but going about it in a less-than ideal manner. Shortly after the initial email message, I received an apology email, which I took (and still do) as […]

Asking for Customer Info: A Cautionary Tale

I recently received an email from my home insurance provider asking me to fill out a brief questionnaire. Working in marketing, I tend to be slightly more receptive to these requests, but in this case, the way it was presented put the marketer in me at odds with the customer in me. How so? Let’s […]

Responsive Email Design: The Basics

As mobile technology continues to gain traction as a viable way for customers to access content wherever and whenever they want, smart marketers are following the trend by creating and designing emails that work beautifully not only on a desktop screen, but also on a mobile device. Responsive email design can be a tremendously effective […]

4 Ways to Prevent Cart Abandonment

It’s that time again… The Holiday season is closing in faster than a storm, and Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away. And with more and more customers taking their shopping lists online, cart abandonment has taken center stage in the fight for online conversions. What can you do to keep customers in the […]

Put Your Preheaders to Work

When Knotice started using email preheaders way back when, our main concern was to convey and/or summarize the information contained in an email, so that if a customer didn’t have images enabled, they could have an idea what the message was about. Skip to the present day, where we realize how important mobile opens have […]

Phone Phobia: Are You a Smartphone Addict?

I used to think that Mobile Phone Addiction was bunk… Until I got one. Each time I leave the house, I check my pockets. Car keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Chap Stick? Check. Phone? Double check. After all, what happens if I get a flat tire? Studies show that once an emergency-only device, the mobile phone […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

What are goals marketers might want to add to their list of resolutions, or things to start doing in 2011 so they perform better? Here’s what the Lunch Pail team had to say: Chris: “Online marketers should update their privacy policies to be current and include opting out of web tracking, and make sure these […]

And in an Instant…

…Everything changed. Or did it change after all? By now you’ve heard all about Google’s newest search phenomena, Google Instant. The big question is how this change will impact your own SEO strategy. Sure, when the news first broke, there were the classic “SEO is Dead” blog posts and articles. But now that the dust […]