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Mobile Marketing, A Consumer’s View

Since I am entrenched in the direct digital marketing space, and love the opportunity to get a good shopping deal, I take part in every mobile promotion I come across for any store I can find. I opt in to mobile campaigns just to see the different ways companies use mobile to promote their products […]

101: Short Code Basics

I knew what a mobile short code was when I first started at Knotice. I knew that it was a shorter version of a mobile number used for sending text messages to a company. Now, having had the chance to work on mobile programs myself, I quickly learned that there are many aspects that go […]

101: A Twitter Contest, the Results

In my last post I wrote about the Twitter contest Knotice held at the Annual Summit. This was the first time Knotice used Twitter as a channel to promote the company and our direct digital marketing concept. For someone to enter the contest they needed to have one of Knotice's booth staff give them […]

101: A Beginner’s Guide To A Twitter Contest

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance and ease of utilizing Twitter in everyday business. After being on Twitter for a while now, and seeing the different ways companies are using it to promote their products and services, I find myself intrigued by a Twitter contest. I have seen a variety of different […]

101: What is Universal Profile Management?

When I first started at Knotice, I did not know what universal profile management is. I also didn't have a clue about the value of having a universal profile management system, and how it made a bunch of new segments and multi-channel marketing strategies possible. Since I had confusion on this subject, I felt that […]

101: A Beginner's Guide To Twitter

Like any new social networking tool, Twitter is rapidly gaining ground. With over six million users, Twitter is the third largest social networking site. Being a (relative) newbie to the digital space, I felt the need to do my homework and figure out where exactly Twitter fits into the world of social networks. In college […]

101: Onsite Targeting is Not Banner Advertising

Even though marketing budgets are being slashed, marketers still need to improve website performance, sales, and conversions without breaking the bank. Looking at the options marketers are buzzing about, I found that there is some confusion in the marketplace about the differences between onsite targeting and banner advertising. For those of you who are relatively […]

Who Shops At The Digital Mall?

Who exactly is shopping online? Currently, the Millennial generation easily dominates the world of Internet users. But, what are they spending all of their online time doing? Recently, it was brought to my attention that Millennial may not be the generation of online shoppers that marketers may think that they are. So, I did some […]

101: M-Commerce, or Mobile Marketing?

With the economy looking a bit uncertain for the next year, many marketers are pursuing new and different channels to capture their audience's attention. Marketers are in hot pursuit of "cheap, easy, and effective" ways to increase conversions… and I feel there is confusion in terminology in the marketing world. After doing some reading, I […]

Rascal Flatts Mobile Promotion Runs Flat

Being an avid geek for both music and good marketing, I was really excited about a recent promotion one of my favorite bands did to generate buzz for their upcoming album. However, I was very turned off when their "genius" promotion caused me to become concerned because of a lack of clarity within the promotional […]