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A Tale of Customer Data Use Gone Wrong

I recently booked a trip using one of the major travel sites. I was very excited and already packing my bags until I noticed one minor flaw in my confirmation email: I didn’t have hotel confirmation number for the hotel I had booked. Now, booking travel is something I do on a regular basis for […]

How Emails Render on a Phablet

I love almost everything about my phablet. It is my new addiction and I love it almost as much as I love shopping. My love of shopping is heightened when it is combined with my love of email. Hearing the special ding on my phone when I receive a retailer email with special savings is […]

Facebook Home – A User’s Review

I was extremely excited the day Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement about Facebook Home. At first glance it seemed like a unique experience that would help to transform the way I interacted with people on my phone, and I couldn’t wait to for the release date so that I could start interacting with people in […]

Confessions of a Phablet Owner

After spending many years being a loyal iPhone user, I have become an official traitor. I am now a proud owner of a Phablet and I hate to say it, but I think I am in love (sorry Apple, I still like my iPad). So now that I have made the switch and officially look […]

Phone or Phablet?

Let’s face it, getting a new phone is both an exciting and scary time thanks to technology growing at such a rapid pace. For me picking the right phone to fit my life just might be a harder decision than what I originally thought. I thought I knew exactly what type of phone I was […]

Get Personal with these 5 Personalization Tips

In today’s ever changing digital world, making a customer feel special and as if you really know who they are is increasingly more important. As a connected consumer, there is nothing worse than opening an email and seeing a personalization failure of epic proportions. With that in mind, here are some quick tips to keep […]

The Timing of a Social Media Sales Message

After a two year hiatus from Knotice, I recently found the error in my ways and decided to make a repeat appearance on the Knotice stage. With my career shifting, I made a quick update to my LinkedIn profile and was on my way back to Akron. What I did not anticipate was the surge […]

In-Store or Online, I Just Want to Use My Coupon!

As a shopper extraordinaire, I pride myself on being able to find the best deal on most any item I choose. As part of my savings strategy, I sign up for any and every coupon program I come across. I willingly give out an email address and mobile phone number so that I can receive […] Shopping via the iPad

Now that the dust has settled after returning from a great Annual Summit in Dallas, I wanted to share some of my “take-aways” and lessons learned from the show. Last week, I reported to you on the keynote by Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters, the multichannel consumer and the importance of having a […] The Multichannel Consumer

This year’s Annual Summit is officially underway in Dallas. One of the highlights of the first day was the opening keynote by Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. Senk noted that today’s consumers are increasingly multichannel, adding that those who shop across three channels are likely to spend six times as much as consumers that […]