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Get Trigger Happy with Follow up Emails

After sending a newsletter or sales email, don’t let the conversation stop there. Based on what links your customers have clicked, you now know more about their interests and you can continue the conversation with a more focused triggered email message. Use the powerful segment builder within the Knotice platform to leverage email activity and […]

How To: Make the Move from Lists to Profiles

Blasts are for the past. Making the move from viewing your customers as lists to seeing them as unique individuals will help you create communications that speak to your customers more directly. Concentri’s Universal Profile Management tools offer the marketer the opportunity to “know” a customer on a deeper level because all of a customer’s […]

Targeted Email: Using Display Rules in a Subject Line

Today’s consumers demand personalized targeted experiences from brands. Delivering anything less will land you in the consumer’s rear view mirror. When it comes to creating a personalized experience, many marketers use display rules to deliver targeted content for each email recipient. And through the use of live zones, display rules can be used to control […]

More Ways to Improve Your A/B Tests

Done correctly, A/B testing has numerous benefits, including better results for your email campaigns and more effective communication with your customers. As our coverage on this topic continues, here are three more things to keep in mind, to keep you from getting testy about A/B testing. Make Sure You’re Testing (and Using Results) Properly Splitting […]