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Trans-Generational Project Management, Part 2

Per my last post, generations weaned on scheduled, pre-packaged communication mediums are most comfortable when project communications are presented in a similar fashion. However, as Wikipedia sagely observes, Millennials and beyond have a very different set of expectations shaped by the technology they have grown up with. According to Wikipedia “Millennials, like other generations, are […]

Trans-Generational Project Management, Part 1

I'm not a big fan of the generational labels (baby boomer, X, Millennial, etc.). There is some truth, however, to the observation that people of different ages do have different expectations when it comes to project best practices. Projects are, at their core, about communications and collaboration. Ensuring your team understands what must be done […]

Project Reporting Formality

It's common wisdom that metrics are critical to how successful your project will be perceived. What's less often discussed is exactly how formal an approach one should take when communicating those metrics to the relevant audiences. Traditional project management methodology stipulates a formal, rigid approach to reporting typified by reporting templates, scope change documents, risk […]

The Client Collaboration Continuum

What role should your client play in a project implementation? Traditional project management techniques treat clients as consumers of a product, in this case the "product" being the output of the project effort. Customers are rarely, if ever, privy to the internal workings of the project and instead rely on formal, periodic reports which attempt […]

Marketing Project Management Tips

Project Management. For many the term conjures up images of set-in-concrete time lines supported by highly regimented milestones and minutely detailed tasks. A traditional technical project, like an intercontinental ballistic missile, has a well-defined team of highly technical engineers and a formal development process. Managing technical projects for marketers is very different. If you're building […]