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Taking a Look at Window 8’s DNT Feature

Windows 8 will become widely available in new PCs and devices this October. It’s got some radical changes in UI and will be able to run on tablet devices, like Microsoft Surface. The final version of the Windows 8 OS is finished and is now available to developers, MSDN subscribers and was sent out various […]

Digging into the Microsoft Surface

Look what just Surfaced from Microsoft. In 1988, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” introduced the PADD, a thin tablet device that acted as a computer and a communication device. It was what everyone used for reading. Flash forward to 2002, Bill Gates introduces the tablet PC. It runs Windows XP; it’s less than an inch […]

Steps to Faster Page Load Times

Part 2 in a series – In my last post, we discussed why page load times are so important. In this post we discuss how to improve them and make them faster. To make the process simple, let’s break it into three steps: Audit, Address, and Repeat. Step One: Audit – Browsers like Firefox and […]

The Importance of Improving Load Times

Part 1 of series –  So you are thirsty. You head to the corner convenience store for a soda. You pull on the door and it does not open. You walk away and look for another store to get your soda. What you didn’t know was that if you pulled on the door for 5 […]

Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile

So Steve Jobs was right, and even now Adobe agrees. Flash is not a good fit for mobile. Adobe announced recently that it was stopping development (but will continue with security updates and bug fixes) for flash player for web browsers on all mobile devices. They released this statement to ZDNet: “Our future work with […]

The Value and Timing of Google+

So Facebook is great, right? Well, besides the privacy issues… and the horrible “group management”… and the fact that the only way to follow someone is if you both mutually agree to it. Oh, and Twitter is awesome, too. When it’s up… and if the thing you want to share is only 140 characters… and […]

Fetch Content to Automate Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are great. They help marketers manage a variety of content – from mobile microsites, to email, to landing pages, and more. But most content management systems are only good at delivering and hosting static content. This means if you want to update your web page, email or whatever, you have to […]

Tracking Protection Inside Internet Explorer 9

Amid the ongoing debate over Do Not Track and concerns over online data gathering, Microsoft has introduced a tracking-protection feature in its latest version of Internet Explorer. Users of IE9 will now be able to choose which third party sites can collect their data and track them online. Web browsers have been providing some kind […]

The Tale of Two Purchases

We’ve talked before about the importance of connection at the point of decision. Consumers always have their mobile devices within reach and several brands have begun using 2D codes to connect the online and physical worlds at the exact time the consumer is ready to make a decision. I recently had an excellent ‘connection at […]

Developers! Developers! Developers!

A software API can only be great if developers are using it. And developers tend to use and prefer APIs that provide useful, up-to-date and well-rounded documentation. Knotice recently announced the launch of our site specifically for developers, The new site is an extensive resource for integrating with our multichannel marketing software platform, Concentri. […]