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Mobile Web is Holding up Mobile Email Optimization

Many major and mid-size brands have been slow to optimize their email campaigns for mobile device users. Yet today there is a wealth of available information – hard data – on the impact of mobile device users on marketing email programs. In fact we publish a bi-annual report showing just how many of our clients’ […]

Linking Offline Behavior through Email Receipts

For many businesses, customers are shopping and buying through their branded website, branded retail stores, or through catalogs and call centers. Trying to identify and understand customers who utilize the offline buying options has been far more difficult to track. Consider what percent of all retail transactions include a loyalty card or a coupon code. […]

A Mulitchannel View of the Customer Through Email

On Wednesday I wrote about how it’s email address that is the linchpin for linking consumer activity data across channels and devices, and integrating the intelligence of disparate business systems. Now, let’s look at some examples of how this works: Knotice’s ESP customers enjoy two unique features: When the email recipient opens the email, our […]

The Glue of Great Universal Profile Data Management

Knotice develops its platform and services to empower online marketers to better engage with their multi-channel, multi-device audiences. The foundation of better engagement with these audiences is data management, or in Knotice parlance Universal Profile Management (UPM). There are two fundamental objectives of UPM: • Utilize profile-based data management methods (online and offline attributes and […]

What Makes Direct Display Work?

In my last post, I gave an overview of Knotice’s Direct Display capabilities. These unique capabilities stem from the equally unique qualities of Knotice’s powerful technology. There are a series of requirements to support Direct Display which Knotice – and its partners – are uniquely positioned to provide. So, what does it take to deliver […]

Direct Display: An Overview

One of the great successes for Knotice in 2012 has been the rollout of our Direct Display capability. Since our first campaigns nearly a year ago, Direct Display has proven extremely successful in improving online display ad performance for our customers, while also providing leading-edge capabilities for profile data enhancement and advanced cross-channel analytics and […]

Mobile-ness: It’s not Just for Phones Anymore

For a long time, we’ve talked about the impact of mobile devices on the digital marketing world. Not only in terms of how consumers engage on mobile devices, but also how the adoption and saturation of mobile devices is fundamentally changing user behaviors and consumer culture over time. I have used the term “mobile-ness” to […]

Does Brand Experience Include Mobile Optimization?

The people who do email marketing well are data driven. Measurement, analysis, optimization and testing are key. The principles of database marketing thrive in the email channel. At Knotice, we benefit from having the hard data to make well-reasoned strategic plans and inform tactical decisions. It’s all at our disposal and we leverage it – […]

Attribution Maturity: Cross-Device Insight

Last week Forrester and the IAB released a report entitled “Digital Attribution Comes of Age” (a PDF can be downloaded from the IAB here. The headline thesis of the report is expressed as The Last-Click Paradigm Erodes as Marketers Turn to Fractional Attribution. Last-click attribution is not entirely trusted widely, but is widely relied upon […]

Takeaways from The Cable Show, Part 2

Last time, I took a look at three takeaways from last week’s The Cable Show. Here are three more talking points, takeaways and more from the show. 4. Power of the second screen First, a definition of terms. In many traditional circles the “first” screen is the silver screen of the movie theater, with the […]