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Snapshots of CTAM in New York

Like Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) shows past, this year’s CTAM Summit did not disappoint. From the heart of New York City, the two-day event last week was packed full of valuable information specific to marketers from MSOs, channel operators, and others. The lineup of industry influencers was impressive, and it was fantastic […]

Creating a Smooth M-Commerce Experience

Providing an easy enjoyable shopping experience via mobile can put your brand at the top of a consumer’s mind. But, providing a poorly designed, difficult to navigate experience can place you in the consumer’s rear view mirror. Though the act of actually making purchases via mobile isn’t heavily adopted among consumers just yet, I’m always […]

No Mobile Site? Don’t Make Your Customers Angry

Reflecting on all the Holiday hustle and bustle, thank goodness the shopping trips are over. Running from this store to that, fighting the crowds of folks frantically searching for the perfect gift and the best deals. If you were anything like me, you found yourself standing in Toys R Us, staring at an empty shelf […]

The Potential Problems of Personalization

Recently, a colleague of mine received an email thanking me for doing business with them. My name personalized in an email addressed to him. They thanked him for my business. What should have been an important step in their customer-follow-up sequence ended up making them look bad. That email misstep is the reason for this […]

When Should You Introduce an App?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is about apps. I know what I tell customers, but I thought it’d be interesting to ask some of my colleagues here at Knotice. Here’s what they had to say. “The best time to introduce an app is…. “…when your comprehensive mobile marketing plan dictates. There is […]

Crocs Uses SMS to Effectively Reach Women

I have written about coupons here before, specifically I have written about what a hassle they can be if they're not done right. It’s a pain to cut them out and then remember to bring them into the store to redeem. Ten percent of the time the coupon ends up laying on my kitchen counter, […]

Marketers, Get Better at Reaching Moms

My Mother was right about everything! And she'll be the first one to tell you that! And why shouldn't she? Mothers have fully earned the right to share their knowledge and express their opinions. Lucky for us, social networking was born. Now, not only can we share our knowledge/opinions with our friends, we can share […]

Un-Abandoning the Shopping Cart

How often have you been shopping in a store and just flat left your cart full of stuff and walked out? Maybe once or twice, but probably not that often. Yet, shoppers do it all the time when they are shopping online. What's the difference? Chances are, when you are in the bricks-and-mortar store, you […]

Holiday eRetail: Reach Women with Relevance

I have an iPhone. Therefore, I am an AT&T customer. As a result AT&T has added me to their email distribution list, and I now am on the receiving end of several email tactics. My favorite (and not for a good reason) are the acquisition tactics. I receive offers to bundle additional AT&T services: home […]

Moms Require Relevance and Efficiency Online

Before I had kids, boy could I accessorize. My purse matched my outfit, my fingernails were done just right, and my hair was curled. I was fashionable because I had the time to be fashionable. Now that I have kids… I'm lucky if my two shoes match, much less my purse. Today I even brushed […]