5 Things to Know about Knotice 5

When people see the latest release of our platform, Knotice 5, what they see is literally a different way they can engage prospects and customers, and a better way they themselves can work. Knotice 5 offers a whole new approach for facilitating and measuring the real-time orchestration of personalized interactions across channels and device, while allowing marketing leadership to increase the velocity and agility of their organization. This new version builds on the profile fidelity and richness that Knotice has always delivered with its Universal Profile Management system, but adds incredible speed and smile-inducing simplicity into the mix. For marketers, this means an increase in efficiency of daily workflow and getting better campaigns to market faster.

Here are five things you need to know about it:

1. Get counts and insights from across channels fast – really fast. No more waiting hours or days for your data team to get to your requests. Now you can view insights in real time whenever you like. Knotice 5 pulls together key data resources and consolidates it all within a single, robust profile-based environment, built for speed. It helps make your Big Data “smaller” or more agile and management, so you can actually use it.

2. Close the loop on life-cycle management with a truly complete view of your customers. The phrase “complete view of the customer” seems to be thrown around a lot when it comes to marketing technology, but here’s a secret: unless your solution is capturing both known and anonymous customer data, you won’t have the details you need to do really powerful stuff. Knotice’s proprietary Universal Profile Management System within Knotice 5 does just that by collecting both known and anonymous customer data and attributing it to the appropriate customer profile when a defined action takes place. Now you not only know Jim’s last purchase, but you also know that he visited your site four times in the last month, clicked on one of your display ads, and opened 2 of your emails on his tablet.

3. Know Your Audience Reach by Channel. If you have, for example, 60,000 profiles in your “Dog Lovers” audience, Knotice 5 offers a window into your numbers. In about a minute from your iPad during meetings, the platform lets you see that you can reach 30,029 of those via email, 14,320 via direct mail, and 1,478 via SMS and 16,781 via display. Not only do you get the channel reach for specific audiences, channel overlap is also available. Having the channel overlap at your fingertips gives you unparalleled insights for multichannel campaign planning. In other words, you have what you need to get stronger campaigns to market faster.

4. Operate in the 1st-party, with 3rd-party data capabilities, too. There’s been much talk over the demise of 3rd-party data and its privacy implications. Because Knotice 5 has a 1st-party orientation, you’re able to use advanced audience targeting across a wide variety of devices, including iOS. It’s worth mentioning that of the seven DMPs evaluated in Forrester’s recent Wave report, Knotice leads the pack when it comes to a 1st-party approach.

5. It’s slick. See for yourself in this short video.

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