Knotice Featured in DMP Wave Report

We’re excited to announce that Knotice was named a strong performer among data management platform (DMP) providers in Forrester Research Inc.’s, most recent Wave Report. The evaluation of Knotice by Forrester Research was conducted on the most recent release of the company’s DMP, Knotice 5.

Featured in the “The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q3 2013” (August 2013), the research firm highlights the company’s first-party domain orientation. The report goes on to say, “(Knotice’s) Universal Profile Management technology, released in 2008, with its explicit focus on the linking of anonymous and known profiles, has increasingly made it an attractive choice for audience management, primarily for small and midsize businesses.”


“It generally seems that midsize companies are able to do what’s right first. Our midmarket focus is actually driven by adoption issues,” said Brian Deagan, Knotice CEO and President.
“Within large companies you simply have a lot of silos – display is being handled by a media agency, search and social are different internal or external teams, the email team is under direct response, site personalization is under eCommerce. On top of that, you have the data warehouse, business intelligence and analytics folks, which are three separate teams at least. It makes it tough to get all of the right people in a room to make a proactive, thoughtful decision that touches on all these functions across the organization,” said Deagan.

“That said, we’re obviously thrilled to see a top national retailer sign up. But in comparison, they have a small, innovative, and agile team, which makes all the difference when you look at evaluating a data management platform like Knotice 5,” said Deagan. “Other DMPs actually got their start in the display silo and, in many respects, continue to perpetuate the silo model.”

The most recent release of the company’s DMP, Knotice 5, builds on the profile fidelity and richness that Knotice has always delivered with its Universal Profile Management system, but adds incredible speed and smile-inducing simplicity into the mix. For marketers, this means an increase in efficiency of daily workflow and getting better campaigns to market faster.

“When people see Knotice 5, what they see is not just the next release of our platform but literally a different way they can engage prospects and customers, and a different way they themselves can work,” said Deagan. “Knotice 5 offers a whole new approach for facilitating and measuring the real-time orchestration of personalized interactions across channels and device, while allowing them to increase the velocity and agility of their marketing organization.”

He adds, “Knotice may not change the world, but if we can make the world better for marketers and our employees, we’ll be happy.”

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