Data Management: Taming the Beast

Micah HattonBy now we’ve all been familiarized with the latest industry buzzword – Big Data. But unlike other buzzwords, the term “Big Data” is pretty straightforward. More customers are online, doing more things and giving marketers an ever-increasing amount of data (activity, preferences, purchases, page views, posts, ect.) to work with. While it may be easy to understand the theory behind it, wrangling this information in real life for your unique use case, however, can be a daunting task.
That’s where Data Management comes in. Making use of all the pieces of the marketing puzzle requires an understanding of each customer’s big picture. Sure, they’ve purchased running shoes and a laptop in the last 12 months, but how does one purchase relate to the other – and what other activities fall in between that could provide context for a more robust brand experience?

More and more marketers are compiling more and more data – but only a select few are using it to its full potential. Storing, managing and utilizing information present the three biggest challenges.

Part of the reason Big Data is so – well, big – is that many of the entries can be duplicates – especially among unidentifiable or anonymous consumers. So many sources and so many impressions can create a bit of a mess if you don’t have a solid Data Management Platform (DMP) in place. More advanced platforms can auto-link those mystery consumers and their datasets to known individuals once an identifying event takes place (like an email open or loyalty program activity), adding value to the dataset overall.

There’s a saying for data intake that “Garbage in equals garbage out.” Keeping data clean will help streamline its management and utilization (this is where that DMP comes in). It’s no secret that the market can change on a dime, so having an agile, efficient solution that includes the normalization of information for best use can help keep your messaging ahead of the curve. By reducing the size of your data footprint across your organization to consolidate within a single system, you can flip the script on Big Data and make it “small” and useable again.

With a little research, a solid vision and the right DMP software, the Big Data beast can, in fact, be tamed. If you’re collecting the right information about your customers, organizing and managing it can lead to incredible returns.

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