Your Customers Are Mobile, Are You?

Dave LawsonThoughtful consideration of the implications of mobile on email is quickly becoming a necessity to winning marketing strategies. In fact, our data indicates that by the end of this year over half of all emails will be opened on a mobile device. That’s up from 27% just 2 years ago. (We’ve even got this cool new – and free — tool to help you see the amount of your email being opened on a mobile, down to the device of each user.)
In a recent article in Mobile Commerce Daily, Lauren Johnson looks at some retailers addressing this head on and others who are less-obviously vigilant. While we’re always going to have a change management lag when it comes to important shifts that have occurred so suddenly and at scale, the time is now to lay the plans for your approach.

Few brands haven’t tried mobile programs like 2D codes, or rolled out an app, or looked at making their website more mobile friendly, but more than several have not yet considered how mobile email can affect their customer relationships and their business.

So, what do you do if your brand falls into the latter category? First, understand the level of mobile interaction for your different brands, different programs, and initiatives. Determine the percentage of mobile opens and what your audience’s device use might be by each of these (reference aforementioned cool, new, free tool). Then, look at things like time of day and type of device, whether it’s a tablet or a phone and consider the impact of mobility and what it could provide to things like flash sales or perishable inventory. Combine all that with the move towards being able to become personalized across channels at scale leveraging your data.

Many service providers and brand managers who have discovered the game-changing impact of mobile on one of their best performing channels have spent much of their time concentrating on rendering. It’s time well spent with small screens, fragmented OSs, disparate email clients, and a myriad of contexts.

That said, I would argue that RESONATING is as important as RENDERING.

Most businesses have had success because they’ve been able to build a brand that resonates with their customer base and ultimately with others that become a part of their customer base.

Brands need to recognize that mobility is now an important extension of their customer’s daily life, become a part of that, and reap the pay offs with lower churn, higher return, and raised propensity to engage. Not only are they delivering a better experience for customers, they’re also introducing new revenue models for their business which can use email as a backbone.

Once you’ve cleared the mobile email hurdle, email techniques to drive foot traffic or create brand awareness become legitimate mobile tactics as well:

  • Flash sales
  • Perishable inventory liquidation
  • Activation and awareness of other mobile channel investments the brand has made
  • Distribution of digital coupons for in-store use

All are within reach and can become additive, if not incremental, ways of growing the customer base, margin, and revenue.

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