The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Data Management

10. Data makes you smarter… even when you’re surprised your tests did what they did.

9. Data makes you stronger… backing up your hunches with real numbers and trends.

8. Data makes you richer… higher ROI for the work you do means everybody wins.

7. Data makes you frugal… reduce your marketing spend by knowing your audience, with smaller (more targeted) sends and better media buys that get impressive results.

6. Data makes you faster… running counts and reports in minutes (versus days) means you can sift through the possibilities to move forward faster.

5. Data makes you popular… everybody wants to feel special, and data gives you the information you need for a level of relevance and intimacy people in your audience love.

4. Data unlocks your psychic powers… with a complete view of the customer, so you’re better able to forecast the future with increased accuracy, with predictive modeling and better anticipation.

3. Data gives you reach… tapping into customer preferences (including device type) and behaviors (including purchase preferences) helps you connect with consumers in ways they prefer.

2. Data is flexible… so you can leverage it to your advantage using a data management platform to pull the pieces together from across the enterprise into a single system for advanced messaging and actionable analytics.

1. Data makes you cool.

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