3 Interesting Things from this Week – July 3, 2013

Casey Barto1. Firefox Throws its Hat into the Smartphone Ring: Mozilla introduced 2 new smartphones earlier this week that operate on the Firefox OS. According to Mozilla, smartphones using Firefox OS will be the first devices “powered completely by Web technologies and offer everything you expect from a smartphone while also delivering new features to give you a personal experience that is unmatched by any other phone.”

Firefox OS offers the standard features like calls, messaging, camera, etc. It also offers what it refers to as a brand new concept: “an adaptive app search that literally transforms the phone to meet your needs at any moment, without the need to download anything. Simply swipe to the right on your Firefox OS phone and start to type what you are interested in to get a whole new customized phone experience based on your needs instantly.”
While Firefox OS will be available in Europe upon launch, it will not yet be available in the US.

2. Proven Ways to Connect with Consumers: CIO Magazine offers 14 proven ways to connect with your customers. Among them: survey your customers and send newsletters. Surveys are a helpful too for finding out customer needs directly and newsletters allow you to be at the front of your customers’ minds with useful and helpful content. Some obvious, but often overlooked options include: pick up the phone and call, go visit, or send a personal note.

3. Google Reader Alternatives: Google Reader was officially retired this week, and despite many protests on social media, Google has yet to create an acceptable replacement. To offer you a Google Reader alternative, PC Magazine outlines 9 options. Check them out and see if you can find one you like.

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