4 Interesting Things from This Week – June 21, 2013

Casey Barto1. Social Data
Are you one of those people (or do you know one) who takes their mobile device everywhere? It doesn’t matter if you’re at a restaurant, the doctor’s office, or waiting in line, you’ll likely be tapping away on your smartphone.
New data from Evzdrop shows that every minute there are 347,000 tweets and 510,000 comments on Facebook.
That’s a ton of data for brands to keep up with. Because of the non-stop flow of comments, pictures, feedback, 88% of retailers miss consumer feedback on their sites, only 44% of customer questions on Twitter are answered within 24 hours, and more.

data chart social

2. Human Interaction
If you’re one of those people at social events (or has a group of friends) that’s always on their phones regardless of the event, there’s a solution for that. Now, instead of staring at that screen you can, you know, interact with each other.

Meet the Offline Glass. It does just what is says: keeps you off your phone. There’s no fancy technology at work here, just a groove cut out of the bottom of the glass, which is specially shaped for your phone. Don’t have your phone under the glass? It’ll tip over, spilling your well earned beverage. Of course you could just put your phone away or have your party put all their phones in the middle of the table out of reach.

3. Mobile Commerce

According to comScore there’s only a 6% difference between the amount of consumers who visited a retail site via a PC and those who visited via mobile.

Most popular items shopped for on mobile devices include:

  • Food
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Cosmetics

4. Instagram Introduces Video
Instagram announced yesterday that video would soon be coming to the app. Video time is limited to 15 seconds and users can choose between 13 filters for their videos.

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