3 Interesting Things from This Week – June 7, 2013

Casey BartoHappy Friday! Here’s a look at some interesting tidbits from this week that you may have missed.
A new forecast from IDC reveals tablets are expected to grow 55.8% year over year in 2013. What’s that mean for marketers? Tablet shipments are going to extend past portable PCs this year, and by 2015 tablet shipments will outpace the entire PC market. Price plays a part in the decline of PCs with tablet prices set to decline this year, while prices for PCs are expected to rise.Read more.


Quick. Name a brand that doesn’t have a presence on social media. These days, it seems like nearly every brand has some kind of social presence. Despite this, it appears that social media is lagging as a driver of online purchases. Search is the leader for driving traffic to websites with email following behind. Of course, as you may have expected, the social exception seems to be Pinterest.


According to new research from Forrester, 56% of digital experience professionals say their top priority over the next 24 months will be analytics. 37% of analytics decision makers say a major hurdle for them is finding the right talent. Check out more interesting stats in the infographic below (courtesy of DMNews.) InfoGraph_5.31.13

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