How Emails Render on a Phablet

Lesley MattI love almost everything about my phablet. It is my new addiction and I love it almost as much as I love shopping. My love of shopping is heightened when it is combined with my love of email. Hearing the special ding on my phone when I receive a retailer email with special savings is something that really makes my day.
When I had my trusty old iPhone I loved getting promotional emails. They all displayed beautifully in the IOS email previewer and were a joy to look at and helped me plan out my shopping attacks. As a consumer, I liked the fact that the majority of these emails were visually stunning and made me want to take action right away. Many of them were optimized to render perfectly on my small screen and if I jumped over to my desktop or iPad, the perfect customer experience continued. It was a dream! No swiping, zooming or difficult tapping. Here’s a beauty that I saved a screen shot of because it looked so nice and more importantly made me want to buy.

iphone email

But my Phablet has left me with a less than ideal experience for digging into the best email deals. I am left with constant tapping, swiping and adjusting in order to view my deals. Here’s a look at a recent email from the same company. I immediately want to delete it as can’t see the majority of the content and it takes way too much effort on my part to get the jest of the deal.

phabletSadly, this seems to be the norm for the majority of promotional emails I receive. I have to work way too hard to get to the content. I have only had one ok experience from a company trying to capture my business by optimizing an email to my screen. This isn’t the world’s greatest email, but it doesn’t make me work to get to my email and I get to at least see the entire thing.phablet 2Research shows that Android based phones are rapidly gaining market share over other platforms. With all of the different device types that are based off Android it is making it more challenging for marketers to keep customers like me satisfied with optimal email experience. Our most recent Mobile Email Opens report shows that mobile email is at the tipping point where more and more people are interacting with email via their mobile device. My advice is that email marketers need to work smarter to keep from losing the growing number of users on different smart devices. There are a lot of great resources out there to help getting started with optimizing email for mobile.

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