Email Essentials over Breakfast

Ah, email. With all the articles being written about the mobility of consumers, the death of third party cookies and other tech news, it seems like the good old standby email has been overlooked recently.

Even though consumer behavior and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, email remains a preferred way to communicate with your audience. It’s the anchor of customer connections. Even social media channels use it to maintain activity and to invite people back. (“Look who’s following you on Twitter.” “See what your friends are up to…” and so on.) As elementary as email may appear to be, get it wrong and you risk annoying the recipient, losing business, and worse.

At a recent Knotice breakfast, we asked the Knotice team what mistakes marketers seem to be making when it comes to email campaigns. Here’s what they had to say:

“Big mistakes I see include: sending too many emails per week; not having a global unsubscribe; and addressing me as ‘Dear Customer’ when you know my name. Remember, if I sign up for your newsletter, then please send it on a regular basis. I want to receive that information, and I might forget who you are and why I signed up for it in the first place, marking it as spam.” – Micah

“I think the biggest mistake digital marketers make is assuming constant email sends is indicative of engagement instead of a deeper understanding of behavioral indication of a true conversation with the brand.” – Dutch

And Jason has a gripe that, despite all the laws and best practices out there, still happens. “Programs that don’t allow an unsubscribe or subscription updates,” he explains. “I signed up for a rewards program at a major game retailer. The service requires an email address. According to their FAQ, they have no intention of spamming you, but, again, you cannot unsubscribe from their emails and still be part of the program. I’ll be filtering all their correspondence, regardless of content.”

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