Do Your Customers Want to Get Personal?

Patti RennerResearch shows that consumers prefer to engage with brands on a more personal basis. In the last five years things have gone from retailers casting a wide net when it comes to personalization to being very precise about not only addressing people on a very personal level but also serving them the products, accessories, and upsells that would be most attractive to them. Now, instead of having a conversation with someone over a sales counter in a retail shop, retailers are actually having the same intimate conversation, but doing it across digital channels.
Consumers really do want brand consistency across channels. In their mind, what’s a channel? They don’t care whether you’re talking to them through website, email, direct display advertisement or text message. Consumers expect that each time they engage with a brand that the brand is aware of the last conversation with them (regardless of channel) and likes and preferences that have already been established between you.

A pain point comes when the different customer touchpoints and various active channels don’t connect. Who doesn’t find it very irritating to order something online and the next day be served up a display advertisement featuring that product or receive an email that highlights savings on that product when you’ve already purchased it?

When that happens, it means retailers are not serving their customers in a way that benefits the customer. It makes it appear as if they’re not working in the best interest of the customer. As a retailer, if you mess up the conversation flow across channels because your data is not in a single cohesive environment (and those channels are not talking to each other), it causes consumers to lose some trust in the brand. It also results in a loss of intimacy within the brand-customer relationship.

As Forrester Analyst Joanna O’Connell mentioned in our data management webinar last week, only those companies that are truly customer obsessed will survive.

There are plenty more insights from Joanna in our webinar playback. You can access it here.

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