Mother’s Day Tech 2013

Casey BartoMother’s Day is Sunday. If you’re a late shopper and need a few gift ideas (or just want to add to your own personal wish list), we’ve got you covered. In case you’re looking for tech ideas for your mom, we asked some folks around the office to share their stories along with their recommendations.
Here’s what the Knotice team recommends for Mom this Mother’s Day:

“My mother is a 4’10”, 67-year-old, silver haired woman. When the geek squad tech showed up with her new computer for installation and free hour of training he started off with his basic “I know you’ve never seen one of these before, so here’s how you turn it on” routine. My mother interrupted and asked if the wireless supported 802.11N and WPA encryption, because she had set up her new router to handle those. My mother got an Associates’ in Computer Information Systems at the age of 50.

“I recommend the Android/IOS Operating Systems. My daughter, my wife and I all have Android phones. Between us we have enough electronics and different apps for the two grandkids to allow them to draw, color, and practice numbers and letters while they wait for dinner to arrive at a restaurant. However, my 5-year-old grandson is addicted to Angry Birds, so he often ends up there. I wish we had this when our kids were little.” – Sean Overman, Software Engineer III

“For my mother at least, the best technology for her has been the iPhone camera. She has missed almost two decades of memories due to countless times where her camera has had a low or dead battery, or she didn’t change the film, or her SD card was full. Even this past weekend she performed the same “Low battery” mantra (as if we didn’t already know). Luckily we can remind her about her phone so she can at least capture part of the moment – after missing the initial moment trying to magically increase low battery life by pressing more buttons.” – Matt Cole, Account Executive

“I suggest a Kindle Paperwhite. My mom loves to read and we got her a Kindle a few years ago. She and I share the account so that we can still share books. We were thinking about upgrading her to a Paperwhite as she wouldn’t need a light to read in the dark. She likes it because it is simple to search for books right from the device and download them in seconds. It’s also much better than dragging tons of books around with her when she wants to go somewhere and is small enough to fit in her purse. If your mom already has a kindle or the app, a gift card to Amazon always goes over well. That way she can buy new titles and not have to worry. What’s great about this is no paper is involved. Log on to Amazon, plug in mom’s email address and you are set!

“What I do not suggest is an iPad mini. When I asked my mom if she would like it because she could access the internet, play games, look at the weather and still have her Kindle favorites on it, she promptly asked me if it was some sort of candy. And then asked why she would need that if she already had a kindle and a fancy pants phone. She has a Samsung Galaxy S3 – it has the weather on the home screen so she is a weather genius.” – Lesley Matt, Marketing Manager

“The obvious answer here for me is, of course, the connected mobile device. One accessory that plays many roles – baby sitter, always-available photo documentation device, roadside or medical emergency beacon, social and community bulletin board, ready research assistant, and personal task-busting organizer are just a few. Entire markets have been created to brand this device as their own, and the brands that have catered to moms via mobile are those thriving today.

“That said, sometimes forgotten but hugely important for moms is the capability to time-shift and control access to television entertainment via a set-top box. Long a bastion of “we’re going to hell in a hand basket” rabble-rousers, unfettered time in front of the tube was a common element in many theories of societal downfall. Due to their traditionally defined role as household enforcer and content curator, busy moms doing the best they could in more progressed (but hectic) times were taking a lot of heat. While it still works its way in there, TV and the often-amazing content created for it now have an intercession from technology. A helping hand for Moms everywhere is the ability to now control what is and isn’t recorded, what gets skipped, and what gets paused. With user-level passwords and permissions, it also allows a level of control for who in the household can consume appropriate content.” – Dave Lawson, Director of Mobile and Digital Unification

“My favorite mom tech that I use personally is the “Find My iPhone” app to help me track my teenagers’ whereabouts from my iPad. (Sneaky, yes, but they use it to locate me, also.) But the tech gift I want most is the XBOX IllumiRoom augmented reality projector. That would officially make me the coolest mom ever. Love it.” – Patti Renner, Director of Marketing

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Knotice!

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