2D Codes: A Marketing Tragedy – Act II

dave-face-ShakespeareBefore we begin the second act of this marketing tragedy, the audience is invited to peruse Act I here.

Over time, we’ve seen proprietary bar codes and well-meaning but under-capitalized companies go by the wayside. We’re left with a smaller group of most viable options for code selection with QR being the clear winner in popularity.
Even with the bulk of the codes being QR, successful campaigns with any type of code have common elements:
  • A clear call to action describing the value to the participant once they execute the scan (higher value exchange in favor of the user equals higher scan rates);
  • Specific instruction that details any apps or special steps needed to execute the scan;
  • An entertaining, device-optimized, and contextually appropriate and creative destination that delivers seamlessly on the promise that engendered the scan activity in the first place (app downloads, microsites, AR experiences);
  • A clear ending, one that lets the user know when the experience has run its course (without dragging it out too long).

Turn tragedy into joy as marketers win with 2D codes, too!

  • As part of the experience, marketers get the opt-in and captured contact information (mobile engaged lead sources consistently over index for AOV, LTV, and Conversion %);
  • Relevant, respectful follow-up is not just nice – it’s appreciated and expected. Bring those leads into your email, SMS, and Display programs and they ultimately exhibit better results more frequently than non-mobile subscribers;
  • Follow these leads from intake to conversion along the ownership path and use their actions to help prove mobility’s overall contribution to the cultivation of higher value prospect and customer segments.

Today, we have programs for iconic brands that are averaging many thousands of scans on a weekly basis. 2D codes are interceding in key buying moments to offer additional support, encouraging the buying decision and improving the overall ownership experience. We’re activating print, capturing emails, delivering scan-only content, so brands and consumers are benefiting.

Admittedly, similar to display ads in 1998-2000, the phrase QR or 2D has left many a marketer with a bitter taste and fetid scent lingering based on early results. If they can look at them for what they are great for, and use them programmatically to solve real marketing problems, QR codes could prove Juliet correct as she submitted “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” No matter what it’s called, it should be judged on what it actually is.

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