April Fool’s Tech Foolishness

Technology can take your game on April Fool’s Day to a whole new level. We asked the team here at Knotice about some of their favorite pranks – especially digital ones. Here’s what they had to say.

From Dutch:
“1) USB Phantom keystroke device inserts random characters on the target’s machine. 2) Replace the target’s wallpaper with a windows or Mac error screen. (This will get the ones that aren’t too savvy.) 3) Steal mouse batteries.”

From Sarah:
“1) Change the settings on their computer so the display is inverted and upside down; 2) Replace gel deodorant with clear Dial soap; 3) The old fashioned ‘put tape on the optical sensor of their mouse’ trick.”

From Bryce: “Do I have a favorite April Fool’s prank that uses technology? Definitely. I think they call it catfishing…”

From Scott: “Rickroll your family, co-workers, and friends. Use a tiny URL with no indication of what it truly is.”

From Kier: “Replace live zone content with this:

From Patti: “Take a screen shot of your friend’s locked iPhone, then set it as the ‘Lock Screen’ image, so things will look blurry and wrong for them. For my favorite low-tech trick, use a rubber band to anchor the trigger of the spray hose on your kitchen sink and position it so the next person who uses the faucet will get sprayed instead.”

From Matt S.: “This wasn’t an official April Fool’s joke, but it could be used as one. At the place I worked before coming to Knotice, my friend, Kat, and I would constantly prank one another. This particular prank was probably my all-time favorite. I found a way to re-map keys on the keyboard so that when you would type one character it would print a different character. It took some Windows hackery, but it was surprisingly easy to do. That alone isn’t awesome. It would only take a practiced typist a few seconds to realize that someone has monkeyed with the keyboard.
“What I did was map J->F and F->J, basically swapping the keys that have bumps. I waited until she went home before I did this. While I was at it I also physically switched those keys. So now the key on the keyboard that says “J” types “J”, but it is in the wrong spot. Same with “F”. Now when she types the wrong character, she’ll wonder why she’s switched those keys in her mind because the keyboard seems fine. The next day I let her think she was going crazy for an hour or so before I spilled the beans. Quite a bit of nerd fun. Retaliation was swift.”

Do you have any technical or otherwise April Fool’s Day pranks to share? Let us know below.

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