When Push Messages Gets Too Pushy

Using push messages can be an excellent way to connect with your audience while they’re on the go. An important, and often overlooked point, is the context of where the customer is when you send that push notification.

Depending on the day and time, they may be in your store, using your app to find lunch… or they might be asleep.

Push messaging was among the topics discussed at our blog breakfast. In fact, it landed in the category of common mistakes interactive marketers are making today. The biggest issue? No one wants to receive a push message in the middle of the night.

“If you know what time zone I’m in, why are you sending me push messages at 2 a.m.? Most people have their phones near their beds, so you’re just waking me up and making me angry. It’s not even close to targeting the customer at the right time.” – Lesley Matt, Marketing Manager. monsterSome tips for push messages:

  • Use your data to consider where the customer is: Even if you have a spectacular announcement at 10 p.m. PST, your customers in the Central and Eastern Time zones probably aren’t going to enjoy receiving that message. Better to send it as an email instead of a push alert.
  • Allow people to customize: Much like email, consider giving your customers a preference center within the app or mobile environment where they can decide what kind of messages they’d like to receive and when they would like to receive them.
  • Be relevant and engaging: The best push messages are those your customers look forward to receiving. Providing them with content you know they’ll enjoy helps to deepen the relationship with your brand. Use your data to give each customer what you know they’d like based on purchase history, in-app activity, location, etc.

Lesley shares: “Push notifications that aren’t relevant and don’t provide an immediate call-to-action do nothing but interrupt the user’s day. Also, don’t send me notifications for a store you know I don’t shop at.” Again, data makes the difference.

What tips would you share?

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