A Look at St. Patrick’s Day Emails

Casey BartoSt. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love all things Irish, so the chance to dress up in as many Irish-themed items as possible (without getting weird looks) always excites me.
Not only was I looking forward to getting dressed up yesterday, I was also wondering what kind of St. Patrick’s Day deals awaited me in my inbox. Here’s a brief review of what I found.
I was surprised by the amount of brands that took advantage of the holiday. Out of the 16 emails from brands in my inbox, only four included some reference to St. Patrick’s Day in their subject lines.



This email from Petco was cute and straightforward. Given the information they have on file about me, I was pleasantly surprised to see a dog in the creative. However, the targeting on the site left something to be desired. When I clicked through I was taken to the entire sale area of the site, instead of just the dog area. And the theme ended at the email.

Old Navy

Like Petco, Old Navy kept with the 17% off theme. Their email was simple and directed me to the homepage where I could begin shopping.


Hot Topic

Hot Topic took a different route offering a chance to win 50 percent off a purchase by clicking through.

hottopic20130317_ScratcherStPats_30 (1)

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters was the only email I received that featured animation and clicking through takes you to a page full of St. Patrick’s Day/green/drinking items. Out of all the St. Patrick’s Day themed emails, Urban Outfitters was the only one with a click through destination that continued the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

130317_maingraphic (3)

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