Confessions of a Phablet Owner

Lesley MattAfter spending many years being a loyal iPhone user, I have become an official traitor. I am now a proud owner of a Phablet and I hate to say it, but I think I am in love (sorry Apple, I still like my iPad). So now that I have made the switch and officially look like Zack Morris with my giant Phablet, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite and not so favorite things about my new toy.

My Favorite Things

  • Everything looks so pretty – The user interface is sleek and easy to use. Even after many years as an Apple lover, I was able to quickly adapt to the difference and was enjoying things that Apple doesn’t offer. I like having only the Apps I frequently use on my home screen and everything else stored in a separate spot. I also like being able to quickly use the pull down menu to see what new messages I have and see what systems are running.
  • Bigger is Better – At first I thought the size was going to make it challenging to hold and work on the phone. I am actually finding it easier to type and hold this phone in my small girly hands. It is also much easier to view different files and work with documents and information on the large screen size.
  • Magnificent Multitasking – Now, I can actually run two separate applications by splitting my screen just like I do on my desktop. If I am stuck in an airport or in a long line, I can watch a video while surfing the web, write emails or take notes. I can also adjust the screen sizes so I don’t have to copy paste things to reference them, I can just have everything running on the same screen which is a huge help when referencing something from an email on a webpage.

The Not So Good

  • Email is Ugly – Although I like how I can rotate my screen to get more of an “outlook” experience on my phone, I hate how emails are rendering. All of my favorite promotional emails now are just empty boxes with unsubscribe messages. When I do download images, it seems that I am getting a desktop version which involves a lot of scrolling and isn’t worth the hassle.
  • Websites Are More “Interesting” – It seems like different sites aren’t sure what to do with my screen size. I am getting a very strange mix of mobile and desktop sites but neither have the right mix of functionality to create an enjoyable experience. The few sites that I have gone to that have been responsive have been my favorites as they have let me have the best experience for a screen my size.

Overall, I am glad I made the switch. The marketer in me is excited to see if my email and web experiences change overtime as more marketers see the need to change how they are dealing with mobile because more people want to join me in looking like Zack Morris.

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