Phone or Phablet?

Lesley MattLet’s face it, getting a new phone is both an exciting and scary time thanks to technology growing at such a rapid pace. For me picking the right phone to fit my life just might be a harder decision than what I originally thought.
I thought I knew exactly what type of phone I was looking for (the iPhone 5, because another choice doesn’t exist) when I marched into the Best Buy Mobile only to be surrounded with more options than I could ever imagine. What seemed like such a simple decision has now taken on a whole life of its own full of options and apps galore.
A little background: I like to think of myself as an average smart phone user. I am big on texting, tweeting, shopping and emailing from my phone while I pride myself on my phone picture taking skills and finding my way with my map app. I do occasionally make calls, but I use my ear buds with mic for 98% of all phone calls. All of these are things that my current iPhone 4 has done a wonderful job with, that’s why the initial choice of just upgrading to an iPhone 5 seemed like a no brainer.

zack morris phone
Once in the store, the bright, shiny and new (and giant) Samsung phones really distracted me and made me question my iPhone decision. I always thought a phablet was a silly thing that I would never see myself using. Then I started playing with the Samsung Note II and realized it had so much more to offer than my sad little iPhone. Being able to do multiple things on the screen at the same time really makes me excited to watch a video while sending an email and having the battery life to boot! The marketer in me wants to check out every website I can to see how they render on the interesting screen size and see what type of user experience I would have. The only thing holding me back is looking like Zack Morris and how silly I might look walking around talking on it for the 2% of calls I make without my headphones.

With my head spinning, I retreated to home to continue my research in a new quest to find the perfect phone. What do you prefer, the larger screen size and functionality of the phablet or will your smartphone get the job done just fine?

Let me know!

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