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In today’s marketing universe, two things are certain: 1) email isn’t going anywhere; and, 2) a mobile-first approach is more important than ever. If you’re working to improve the quality of your email campaigns across mobile, or you just want some useful tips to improve email open rates, we’ve just published two new guides that are sure to help. Each guide is loaded with actionable tips, examples, and best practices for boosting your email programs.

gtkemailImproving Your Email Open Rates
Your brilliant campaign is only as good as its open rates. After all, how can you unleash that brilliance and hard work if they never open to experience it? Our new “Good to Know Guide: Improving Your Email Open Rates” includes:

  • Tips for Stronger Subject Lines
  • Using Your Data to Boost Relevance
  • Using Symbols in Subject Lines
  • Ideas to test
  • And more!

You can download your free copy here: Good to Know Guide: Improving Your Email Open Rates

best practices email opens

Optimizing Email for Mobile

Our research reveals that 41% of all commercial emails sent are opened via mobile device, and we anticipate over half of emails will be read on mobile devices by the end of the year. Are you prepared?
We can help. gtkmobileOur 16-page “Good to Know Guide: Optimizing Email for Mobile” includes:

  • Mobile email subject lines examples and how to use the preheader to make an impact in the inbox
  • A look at responsive design
  • The essentials of mobile email design and more!

For example, did you know that most customers will blame the brand for a carrier’s slow download speed of images and information? Keep customers happy (and “moving”) by delivering an excellent experience. Consider varying images based on connectivity speeds or device types or employ responsive design or style sheets to deliver content quicker.

Great advice. You can download your free copy here: Good to Know Guide: Optimizing Email for Mobile.

Stay tuned. More helpful resources are on the way….

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