Knotice’s H2 2012 Mobile Email Opens Report

Patti RennerIt’s out. Our new Mobile Email Opens Report: 2nd Half 2012 has the latest numbers and looks deep into email use across mobile devices. The number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) during the second half of 2012 rose to 41 percent. This is a 51 percent increase over the former mobile email open rate of 36 percent from the second half of 2012.
You can download a copy of the report here.

shareImage2ndHalf2012When sifting through the data, a few things become obvious.

  1. It looks like emails viewed on mobile devices across both phone and tablet will soon lap PC across most industries. But the end of 2013, I believe consumers will be engaging with brand emails over mobile more often than they do from their computers. That “mobile first” approach we’ve been talking about becomes essential to keep your base engaged.
  2. PCs still have stronger click-to-open activity, but mobile is gaining. This may be an indication of marketers improving the optimization of email on mobile, but there’s still work to be done.
  3. iPad remains the dominant force within the tablet marketplace; however, Android tablets (specifically the Nook Color and Google Nexus) showed some impressive click activity on emails viewed. But don’t get too excited as the percent of opens are but a teeny weeny fraction of those on iPad.

The report includes some interesting specifics, including:

  • Percentages of emails opened via mobile device (overall and by unique industry segment);
  • Click-to-open (CTO) rates of email (overall and by industry segment);
  • Mobile email activity based on specific operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets;

We’ve been doing these reports for some time now. After the last release, a reporter asked me what the key takeaway should be for email marketers. I told him that email should be considered an extension of a brand’s overall approach to mobile. The strategies that surround email and mobile need to find common ground to bring the best possible brand experience to the audiences across channels and device types. As the mobile audience continues to grow, email marketers need to remain focused on improving design and rendering across device types. With the variety of mobile devices available and currently in use, just make sure the brand experience that starts with an email is a solid one every time.

Stay tuned for more tips on email, from the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2013 this week in Las Vegas. Knotice is at Booth #204 – come and say hello if you’re there!

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