Get Personal with these 5 Personalization Tips

Lesley MattIn today’s ever changing digital world, making a customer feel special and as if you really know who they are is increasingly more important. As a connected consumer, there is nothing worse than opening an email and seeing a personalization failure of epic proportions. With that in mind, here are some quick tips to keep your content personal and your customers happy.
Friendly Tokens – Keep your tokens looking and feeling friendly for the reader. Make sure the data that drives them isn’t going to sound or look awkward when they are read in context. Some good examples are “Hi Lesley!” or “Hi there,” being short, sweet and to the point. Try to stay away from a default of “Hi {insert first name},” or “Hi LESLEY ,” these examples where data is either missing or not entered in a friendly manner can quickly turn off a patron. Also, make sure that the data that is behind your token isn’t going to read funny when put into a sentence. For example “Hey Ladies, hurry sale ending soon!” works where “Hey Female, hurry sale ending soon!” wouldn’t.

Squeaky Clean Data – Plain and simple the data that drives your content is a huge part of the personalization puzzle. Without sparkling data, your personalization could come up short. Fixing simple spelling and capitalization errors can go a long way. Also, make sure that you feel confident in the data source to before you start pulling it out to personalize on.

Kill them with Personalized Kindness – Personalize your content based on your user group. Define different dynamic areas in your content that will change based on demographic and behavior based profile characteristics that align with different user’s preference. For example, if you are a pet store and know I am a female horse lover and a dog owner, why waste an email showing me men’s boots and cat food, when you can be converting me on ladies boots and a pink dog collar. This really makes the user feel special and that you know who they are and what they like.

Keep it Personal across Channels – When you are personalizing content in one channel, try to keep the personalized conversation going across channels and devices that your customer uses. It always feels better to have a personalized cross channel experience regardless if you are reading an email, getting a text message or visiting a company’s website. Keep in mind that to the user thinks of the company they are looking at as a whole and not as a separate experience depending on the device and/or channel they are experience that brand on.

Always Have a Back-up Plan – Having default content can be your saving grace when sending personalized emails. Just in case you missed a piece of data or a new user that registered didn’t fill out a complete profile, it always is best to have default content that is generic enough to work but personal enough to still make the reader feel special. Remember, having default content in place is always 100% than having a hole or a strange blank spot in the text.

With these tips, I wish you happy personalizing!

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