Do Not Track: Now for Mobile

Casey BartoAfter years of debating how online privacy should be tackled, it seems the argument has spread to the mobile channel.
Though there are still no plans in place for Do Not Track regulations on the web, the FTC on Friday announced that it will be suggesting Do Not Track guidelines for mobile apps as well.

In its most recent report, the FTC said “Mobile platform companies — including Apple, Google and Blackberry — also should develop a do-not-track mechanism that would “prevent an entity from developing profiles about mobile users,” according to MediaPost.

PC World reports that in addition, the FTC suggests that “platform providers create a “dashboard” for consumers. The dashboard feature would allow users to quickly and clearly see the content being accessed by the apps they’ve downloaded.”

However, those apps that use behavioral targeting to personalize customer interactions would “would remain free to engage potential customers in a dialogue to explain the value of behavioral tracking and obtain consent to engage in such tracking.”

Similar to the Do Not Track icon on the web, the FTC says mobile providers should implement an icon that lets the user know when data is being transferred to other services. The FTC also suggests app developers provide privacy policies for their apps that would be available in apps stores before the consumer downloads the item.

What are your thoughts on the FTC’s suggestions? Read the full mobile privacy report here:

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