Social Sign In and the Importance of Privacy Rules

Casey BartoLate last week, eMarketer shared an interesting report from social infrastructure provider (and Knotice partner), Gigya.
The use of permission-based social data provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers and provides consumers with the customized, personal experiences they demand. However, Gigya reports that many consumers are wary of the social sign-in function that appears on many websites, saying they fear their personal information will be stolen or sold. This is why it’s so important for brands to be proactive in respect users’ privacy rights.

Over half of the consumers surveyed by Gigya have used the social sign in feature, but the remaining folks were either confused by it or concerned about how businesses would use their data.

Interestingly, nearly 60 percent of those that use the social sign-in feature do so because they have so many different login names and passwords for sites that it’s hard to remember which one goes with which. It’s also disturbing that 63 percent of consumers believe that their social data will be sold by businesses collecting it.

149066 To ease consumers’ feelings of how their data will be used, Gigya suggests that businesses that use the social sign-in feature be as transparent as possible regarding how they will use the data. Almost half of consumers surveyed (49%) said they would be satisfied with a short message explaining what data is collected and how it would be used.

Valuable data is made available through social sign-in. That data can certainly enhance the consumer-brand experience across multiple touchpoints and add even more relevance to campaigns and promotions. But consumers have to feel comfortable with using it, or all bets are off. The more clear you are about how you use the information, the more likely it is for a win-win. They benefit from the convenience. And you benefit from obtaining a deeper understanding of individuals within your audience. But it starts with confidence.

How do you address privacy with social sign-ins? We’d love to hear from you.

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