A Few Mobile Predictions for 2013

Dave LawsonIt goes without saying that email marketing is a reliable generator of ROI for most marketers. If you’re looking to boost that return on investment, you should embrace email as a viable mobile tactic in 2013.
Over the past two years, we’ve published several studies that look at billions of emails across numerous verticals. (Take a look at each one here). We’ve seen the number of emails opened on mobile devices steadily climb throughout the years, with some industries approaching or passing the tipping point of 50 percent of emails opened via mobile.

Here are a few of my thoughts on what we’ll see with mobile email evolution this year:

  • Mobile email will make gains, offering a better experience for consumers and more profitable campaigns for sending brands – working toward a more integrated data environment across channels.
  • Increased numbers of marketers will be heading in the right direction by taking steps to optimize their emails for mobile, making sure their creative and associated click-through experiences are optimized accordingly.
  • Those marketers who have taken steps to optimize their mobile email experiences will take a deeper look at those customers who convert on mobile. They will look at things like: improving their understanding of their audience relative to time of day; perishable inventory; expressed or implicit intent; proximity to physical locations, and more.
  • The ability to leverage large datasets to define “right place, right time, and right offer” will make mobile email even more compelling and business changing for those who have made the investment.
  • The merging of the tablet with the phone as “mobile” will be both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. Both devices were made to view data, images, and email. While tablets still underrepresent in opens percentages, adoption rates on a sharp upward trend. Marketers need to account not for “mobile” alone but for the multi-device reality in which we live.

What are your predictions for the mobile space this year?

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