Marketing (and Other) Predictions for 2013

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve safely made it out of 2012, let’s take a look at some marketing predictions for 2013 that the folks here at Knotice have put together. Have your own to add? Let us know in the comments!

General Marketing Predictions for 2013:

  • More than half of the people in your audience will open and act on emails via mobile (phone and tablet) over of desktop.
  • Marketers will have to better navigate multi-device conversations with customers, with increasing need for consistency across channels and first-party data to deliver increase conversions.
  • Companies will gain a competitive edge in niche markets because of their ability to move past the silos of internal departments to create a unified approach to marketing and analytics.
  • Use of dashboards for comprehensive reporting across channels will increase the access to information by decision makers, thereby increasing the speed and overall buy-in of advanced multi-channel strategies
  • Marketers will shift to a unified data environment that pulls together customer information and activity from across channels and touchpoints, including display media and mobile.
  • Data will drive more decisions instead of gut – or at the very least data will confirm initial hunches.
  • Predictive modeling of Big Data will minimize the need for A/B testing (and its inherent delays) to accelerate the ROI process.

And here’s what folks around the office had to say about both marketing and non-marketing trends:

  • “I’m hoping that next year will begin to usher in more personalized online Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Instead of getting carpet bombed with gift ideas that are a brand’s one size fits all offers, brands should be leveraging available data to drive more personalized deals for both you and those whom you are gifting.” – Scott Cesen, Director of Account Strategy and Planning
  • “1. Focus on quality over quantity for online social interactions – People will edit preferences or trim their friends and interests lists towards focusing on more quality interactions. They might defriend that weird guy they met at that one party, but they’ll have more interactions with their sister.
    2. Waxed cotton is the new leather.” – Amy Kling, Technical Project Manager
  • “It’s been said before, but 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design (which we often refer to as Adaptive) – I want to be original, but I couldn’t agree more. The one additional point would be is it shouldn’t be limited to just the web experience, think about important lines of communications such as email. A growing population now owns a number of devices such as a desktop, tablet and smartphone – and interacts across all of them. We need to accommodate based on device, platform and browsers – many have started with mobile.” –Elizabeth Heubner, Account Executive
  • “I predict there will be a backlash against social media giants and startups alike, driven by increasing privacy concerns among consumers. Additionally we will see a growing social stigma attached to over-sharing. The result will be a relatively small population of consumers quitting or dramatically reducing their participation within social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and location-based services like Foursquare. It will represent a dose of reality for social technology businesses and investors, that the future does not necessarily include a perpetually growing user base.” – Bryce Marshall, Director of Strategic Services
  • “2013 will be the year of mobile-first design at least in email and landing pages – not saying it or talking about it, as many are, but really doing it.” – Dutch Hollis, GM Professional Services
  • “3D printing. It’s kinda been around, but I’m going to bet it will start getting talked about by the norms. (non-nerdy folks).” – Jerry Tapolcsanyi, Software Engineer III

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