Cyber Monday Retrospective

Chelsea IottBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and now we can dig ourselves out from under the pile of emails sharing Cyber Monday deals. It’s a good time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t.
It may also be a good time to look at these emails for the first time and cry onto your keyboard because you didn’t jump on the savings train. Most retailers I subscribe to tried to protect me from that missed-deal misery by sending not one, but two emails on Monday – just in case I missed the first one. No two were exactly alike. Here’s a recap, straight from my inbox.


Athleta used the same subject line and message, but switched it up with a new image.


Hot Topic

Hot Topic switched up their subject lines, but kept the same image and message within the email:

“We’ve fast-forwarded to Cyber Monday – Free Shipping + 25% Off Everything!”

“Monday’s SUCK… but not today – 25% Off EVERYTHING In-Stores & Online!”


Banana Republic

Banana Republic also stuck with the same image within the email, but switched up their subject lines. They used their subject line to let people know when Cyber Monday started and ended. They also helped their sister stores by displaying the deals across all 5 brands.

“Cyber Monday starts now: 2 days to save at all 5 brands.”

“Ends today! Cyber Monday savings at all 5 brands.”



Cache tipped the scale by sending 3 emails on Monday – same approach as the previous 3, same images but different subject lines.

“CYBER-MONDAY SAVINGS! 40% to 60% Off EVERYTHING + BONUS 10% Off + FREE Shipping!

“CYBER-MONDAY Savings Ends in Hours! 40% to 60% Off EVERYTING + BONUS 10% Off + FREE SHIPPING!”

“HURRY! Our Cyber-Monday Offer Ends at Midnight! Don’t Miss Out!”


The frequency of sending email is often something touched on when discussing email best practices. Whether the retailer believes in daily, weekly or monthly, it obvious that when it comes to major shopping holidays the rules on those limits often change.

Stay tuned for more details on the email open rates during that busy shopping weekend.

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