Our Annual Costume Contest: Happy Halloween!

Every October, we wrack our brains to come up with prize-winning costumes for Knotice’s annual Halloween costume contest. A team-building tradition here, this year brought out some unusually creative looks, trying to woo the peer judges in hopes of snagging a new iPad for their very own.

Here’s a look at some of the fun.

Here’s Sarah as a Star Trek hipster, her look completed by her pet tribble. (Let’s hope there’s only one).

Amy made an appearance Audrey Hepburn (“Princess Ann”) from the classic, “Roman Holiday.” Her makeup and outfit reflects the original film, shot in black and white.

Matt channeled his inner fashionista and came as a pair of skinny jeans, complete with inflator fan for a fluffy muffin top.

Sandie blew away the judges as her namesake storm, Hurricane Sandy.

Looking like a tall drink of, well, beer, Kathy’s Red Solo Cup look says “Let’s have a party.”

Judges table feels the pressure of tallying the votes.

And the winner is….


(Check out last year’s costumes here.)

Happy Halloween from all of us at Knotice!

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