4 Ways to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Micah HattonIt’s that time again… The Holiday season is closing in faster than a storm, and Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away. And with more and more customers taking their shopping lists online, cart abandonment has taken center stage in the fight for online conversions.
What can you do to keep customers in the online loop and complete their purchases at your site? According to a recent connected consumer report from the E-tailing Group, there are several things to consider when setting up your checkout process.

Provide the Information
Thanks to an ever-increasing role in our daily lives, the Internet has made it easy for consumers to educate themselves on what they want to buy, and sniff out the best deals before they commit to purchase. This means if customers can’t find the information they want on your site, they’ll go elsewhere.
By creating a site that’s loaded with relevant product information, easy access to customer service and contact information, you can keep customers on your site, and have a better chance for conversions.

Experience Counts
Just like in any retail situation, customer satisfaction matters. 68% of consumers rated their online shopping experiences either excellent or very good, while only 45% said the same about brick and mortar stores. Online retailers already have the advantage of not being hindered by staffing, inventory and other issues, and from a consumer standpoint, researching and buying without having to leave home is another huge perk.

Social Networking Matters
While shopping and purchasing via social network sites like Twitter and Facebook have yet to fully take off, the popularity of these sites gives way to an incredible opportunity for retailers to capitalize. Social networking gives consumers the chance to become advocates and experts on your products, and giving them a voice can help your brand grow.

Go Mobile
Another blossoming area of online retail is mobile. 40% of consumers surveyed said that they research products on their smartphones several times a week, and 27% said the same for their tablets. While the trend is still to use mobile devices to research products and find coupons, and make the actual purchase from the computer, the ability for smartphones to work across multiple channels offers a great opportunity for conversions, either online or in-store.

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