Why Email Deliverability is like Health Class

Patti RennerIt’s Friday… I’m a little jet lagged, but I had this thought: Email is like sex. (“Did she say that…? Did that just happen?!”) I’m beginning to think email marketing is starting to feel like the stuff we learned in 7th grade health. You know “the” class on reproduction… that’s what I’m talking about.
We all know that marketing via email certainly has a flair for romance. It’s about using the right amount of persuasion get to yes, seeding the inbox at the right moment with a strong message to break through the barriers, find the inbox, and give birth to a sale.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s bring it down to the beginning.

Pretty girl winks at you – she’s obviously interested in receiving messages from your brand. She seems into you, so you use your best line and she responds with an opt-in confirmation. “Yes!”

What happens next can really determine the future of the relationship. It also can impact future deliverability of those emails getting to her at all. Picture a couple who just met…

  • Use the wrong lines (“Baby, somebody better call Heaven because they’re missing an angel.”) or the wrong content (“Baby, if you were a booger I’d pick you first.”), she’ll unsubscribe. Opportunity lost.
  • If you go over the edge with your tone and come across too strong, (“Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”), she’ll mark you as spam. Now you’re in trouble.
  • Forget to call her for a while – in other words neglect your list and allow your IP address to go cold since you’re not regularly sending to those who actually were expecting to hear from you – and she’ll no longer even take your calls. In many cases, such as Gmail, your deliverability rates will directly suffer because you have decreased the types of and volume of emails sent to that address. Good advice for both lists and ladies: Regular attention pays off.

But let’s assume you’re a nice email marketer and you do everything right. You round the bases of the customer funnel and you’re expecting to seal the deal. Not so fast, mister. Will the seed of your offer even make it to the opportunity? Or will the spam filters prevent the miracle of conversion to take place?

Email marketers depend on their message to break through. Deliverability is key. Steady updates by inbox chaperones can have a dramatic impact on a relationship. More details on overcoming deliverability challenges in a post to come. Enjoy your weekend!

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