The Shift to Mobile First by Design

Patti RennerDo yourself a favor and grab your cell phone. Now open up its browser and type in your company’s web address. Let’s start with the basics… What comes up? How fast? How does it look? Is it easy to read without having to swipe the page right and left to access its content, or reach the “shop now” button? If you were your customer, are you easily getting what you need (directions, phone number, relevant content) from this mobile experience? (The idea behind that last question – getting what you need – is a key consideration as the digital world evolves.)

That covers the basics. By now you should have a mobile-specific site, beautifully optimized for your target audience. And if you don’t, stop reading now and check out these posts to help you catch up.

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Forrester Analyst Julie Ask recently dropped a bomb on the crowd when speaking at the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum last week. Her statement also confirmed our recent findings within our Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report: H1 2012.

Drum roll please… The time has come, and you need a “mobile first” approach.

“Mobile first” means you can no longer design for the web, then adapt that functionality to mobile. Instead it’s the other way around – design for mobile first.

You already know that people today are using their mobile devices at increasing rates for all sorts of things – lifestyle needs, conveniences, ways to entertain themselves, etc. They even use them to make calls sometimes. Most important is the fact that people use them as a buying tool. People are spending money via their mobile devices. Online shopping, research and buying are all on the rise.

This begs the question: “How ready are you?”

Do you have a mobile strategy?

Do you support a cohesive price strategy across digital touchpoints?

Do you make it easy for people in-store to find more of what they need online, while still buying from you (often referred to as the endless aisle)? Mobile is not a tiny PC. You cannot just shrink the experience and expect to do well. No more of a “main website made smaller” approach.

The time has come to start fresh, to design around the unique needs of mobile users from the ground up. More ideas on how to accomplish this are coming in my next post.

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