More Ways The 2012 Election Has Become Mobile

Dave LawsonRather than focus on which presidential candidate is ahead in the polls, I’ve been taking a look at the mobile offerings from each campaign.
I focus on these pillars because they are clearly the things that are working. The two biggest OS platforms are covered on the app side, mobile internet access is covered, (according to Pew 28% of US subscribers use their mobile device as the primary internet access point), and the largest scale addressable point solution in SMS is serving as a backbone for these campaigns.

However, there are also some compelling fast-advancing technologies that are being put to better use within these pillars the candidates are using to amplify their impact:

  • Geolocation/Location-based Services– These can be put to use within apps for efficiency for volunteers, within ad buys for specific campaigns, within content for adding information about political platform impact to specific areas.
  • Payment/Donation– Using mobile for payments is not only limited to $5 and $10 donations, it can provide more frictionless transactions for potentially more contributors.
  • Social– Recognition that social is mobile the majority of the time and tailoring content, sharing and message timing appropriately.
  • Big-data– Both camps recognize that individuals (be it households or a person) are donating, volunteering, and even ignoring. By leveraging the data that is created with all their offline and online touches (or misses), both political campaigns are surprisingly ahead of many for-profit enterprises that are still stuck with legacy systems and channel-specific silos. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to running a political campaign- every 4 years, you get the chance to start from scratch and leverage available options.

October should be an exciting month of verbal smackdowns and revealing campaign “strategery”. Perhaps we’ll see a Romney/Ryan augmented reality app that identifies places they have been misquoted or an NFC-enabled Obama/Biden fist bump contact information exchange app. Regardless, we will continue to take a fair and balanced approach to evaluating each camp’s efforts and execution and may the best marketer get the highest ROI.

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