Get Trigger Happy with Follow up Emails

Joe McGarveyAfter sending a newsletter or sales email, don’t let the conversation stop there. Based on what links your customers have clicked, you now know more about their interests and you can continue the conversation with a more focused triggered email message.
Use the powerful segment builder within the Knotice platform to leverage email activity and deliver triggered messages that provide more information about the products or topics about which they’ve shown interest. Base your trigger segment on whether your customer opened any email, a specific email, clicked any link or a specific link, or if they’ve clicked on a combination of links.

For example, say you send an email announcing an incredible shoe sale. A recipient clicks the link for the featured fancy snow boots. You may want the fancy snow boot fancier to receive a “last chance” notification just before the sale ends. Even before you send the sale announcement, you can set up a triggered message that will check to see who’s clicked in the sale announcement and send the “last chance” email to let them know the sale is almost over. No need to run a separate list of clickers – just set it up and let Knotice’s on-demand platform do the work.

And to further refine who should receive the follow up email, if you have our conversion snippets deployed on your site, it’s easily to suppress anyone who’s made a recent purchase.

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