Points of Impact from Shop.org

Patti RennerIf you didn’t have time to fly into Denver last week for Shop.org, no worries. I took lots of notes in the sessions to share with you. Here are a handful of highlights, takeaways and lessons learned. (It’s almost like being there. And if you want more, you can go here – to watch video of some of the speakers.)
People still like stores – For all the hype and headlines over the coming death of the Big Box stores caused by fatal blows slung by online competition, it just ain’t so. Shopping is entertainment. Americans love to browse and buy. While the Internet may transform how retailers make money, it certainly won’t replace the stores themselves. Ship-to-store online purchases are far more profitable than “pick and ship” logistically. As online commerce grows, expect bricks-and-mortar retailers to flourish.

You cannot obsess enough about the customer – Infuse your operations and approach with what the customers want most and should expect of you. Read the magazines they read. Study them and serve them as a strategic priority. Use the tools you have – technology, heat maps of activity, analytics, etc. – to make constant improvements that will build the brand relationships and your business. User experience is king.

Use your marketing to build a brand people love – Grab a Starbucks and a notepad. List the five words to best describe your brand. Now list three more words to clarify each of the first five so there’s no confusion. Clarify and simplify your approach around your essentials. Invite customers and fans to share their thoughts. Know your mission and purpose, and stay true to those ideas throughout your marketing and brand expression.

If you’re hungry for more from Shop.org, take a look at this collection of blog posts from the summit.

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