Knotice’s Mobile Email Opens Report for H1 of 2012

The latest version of our Mobile Email Opens Report for the First Half of 2012 was released today and it’s loaded with useful data and stats on mobile email activity, open percentages within hours of sending, the most popular devices for checking email, tablet usage, time of day, and more.

The report is based on a sampling of 807 million emails sent across 11 industry segments during the first half of 2012. You can download a free copy of the report here.

Here are a couple of takeaways:
Your brand should be ramping up to a “mobile first” mindset. If your brand hasn’t reached the tipping point in mobile email engagement yet, it will soon. How your email subscribers view and consume email content has fundamentally changed. Every marketer will soon have to embrace the mobile-majority audience or risk continued declines in click and conversion metrics. Do you know your open rates on mobile, and by what device? If you don’t, be sure to ask your email service provider to get the information to you.
What does a mobile-first mindset look like? Some examples (from the report):
  • Altering fundamental design principles to accommodate the unique traits and preferences of mobile users. This can include shorter copy, larger fonts, clearer calls-to-action as a design priority, large buttons and spacing between text links, and embracing alternate “offline” response options, like calling an agent or easily finding a retail store location, to name just a few.
  • Auditing all post-click sites and pages for mobile friendliness and performance. Applying a similar eye for design and functionality specific to mobile users, with special consideration for location-awareness to help users respond and react based on their location.

Email marketers now become mobile marketers. When the mobile audience is the majority audience, your email marketing team should be spending the majority of their time working and testing on mobile devices. Gaining a mobile-first mindset will be difficult if the strategy, planning and execution teams spend most of their time behind a laptop computer. Instead understand how mobile users manage a full inbox, the different ways they view and evaluate emails and post-click experiences, and the functional limitations they encounter.

And as always, if you’re a marketer interested in participating in this report, get in touch with us at to learn more. You can also download our previous Mobile Email Opens reports and takeaways from each, here. Enjoy!

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