Monthly Archives: August 2012

Summertime Marketing News Roundup

As you’re gearing up for your back to school and fall campaigns, here’s a look at some of the late summer news from around the industry that you might find useful. With the start of the school year just around the corner, a recent piece in Internet Retailer revealed that 54% of consumers prefer to […]

Targeted Email: Using Display Rules in a Subject Line

Today’s consumers demand personalized targeted experiences from brands. Delivering anything less will land you in the consumer’s rear view mirror. When it comes to creating a personalized experience, many marketers use display rules to deliver targeted content for each email recipient. And through the use of live zones, display rules can be used to control […]

The Olympics: Personal Branding of Athletes

As the first full week of coverage of the 2012 Olympics comes to a close, there’s been plenty to talk (or complain) about when it comes to reporting on the games. You’ve got the whole NBC tape delay (spoiling its primetime own broadcasts thing) and how social media impacts the games, Twitter’s suspension of Guy […]

Profile Data Alone Does Not a DMP Make

Last week we discussed what a data management platform (DMP) solution is, and why you might need one. Since then, a few questions have come up, so I wanted to take a minute to clarify things, specifically the difference between a DMP versus a data environment that stores information as individual profiles. Let’s take a […]