Where Not to Put a 2D Code

Casey Barto2D barcodes: They’re everywhere nowadays. But sometimes marketers get a little bit too creative with them. Those little square codes are a great tool for providing an engaging customer experience, but no matter the best of intentions, there are just some places where a 2D code shouldn’t be placed.
I asked some folks here at Knotice for advice on where NOT to place a 2D code. Here’s what they had to say:

“When I was out in California I saw QR codes in a bathroom stall advertisement. When you think about it, no one should ever be going to the bathroom and using their phone at the same time…” – Elizabeth

“On web-sites and billboards. Websites can just use a link, and billboards are not um safe? Scan while driving?” – Chris

“QR codes should not be placed: 1) on any ad in a public restroom – ewwwww. 2) On any billboard meant to be seen in auto traffic (other OOH ads for pedestrians or public transit riders are fine, of course). 3) On ads in the in-flight magazines or SkyMall – this one drives me nuts and makes no sense to me. Unless you have in-flight WiFi or more people take those off the plane than I actually see taking them. Please don’t ask me to scan at the one moment my cell phone is in airplane mode.” – Dutch

“A popular watch brand has QR codes on its mobile microsite. The QR codes are in the videos of each watch model. Kind of difficult to scan these with your phone if you are watching the video on your phone.” – Sandie

“In a location where there is no wireless signal! If you can’t confirm it in advance, don’t plan to put a 2D barcode there. (This sometimes happens at industry events.)If you can’t control where your 2D barcodes are going to be placed or found by consumers, then you shouldn’t be using a 2D barcode at all.” – Bryce

“I hate seeing QR codes in art museums. How are you supposed to scan them if you’re not allowed to take pictures? I actually argued this point at an exhibition about this with a guard just last month… and I lost.” – Patti

Where is the strangest place you’ve seen a 2D code? Share below!

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