Targeted Email: Using Display Rules in a Subject Line

Joe McGarveyToday’s consumers demand personalized targeted experiences from brands. Delivering anything less will land you in the consumer’s rear view mirror.
When it comes to creating a personalized experience, many marketers use display rules to deliver targeted content for each email recipient. And through the use of live zones, display rules can be used to control what content is shown to Web visitors. (For more info on how live zones work, take a look at this post.)

But the email and Web content are not the only places you can put display rules to work. They can also be used in email subject lines – an often underutilized option.

If you’re a Concentri user, it’s simple to set up a display rule in a subject line: just build it like you would for targeting email or live zone content. Then, when you are creating your email, go to the edit properties page and select the ‘manage email subjects’ button. From there, just add your targeted subject line select the appropriate display rule from the dropdown menu.

Adding a display rule to a subject line is an easy way to create a highly personalized piece of content and make the subject line speak to your customer. For example, you know that Lisa is subscribed to your email program and has viewed a pair of brown gloves on your site. When you have an outerwear sale that includes the gloves, you can send Lisa an email that will feature the gloves in the subject line – increasing the likelihood that she will open the email and take action.

You can also synch the display rule in the subject line to the dynamic content on your website to deliver a unique customized experience for each customer.

If you have any questions on how to use display rules and dynamic content delivery, let us know!

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