Summer Picnic Snapshots

Summer is in full swing bringing with it scorching temperatures and plenty of sun, which makes it the perfect time to get outside to eat. Businesses throughout our building in Akron did just that yesterday, gathering for a lunchtime picnic. It was a nice opportunity to spend time with the neighbors and friends who work in our historic building, the B.F. Goodrich original tire factory, now remodeled as the Global Business Accelerator.

But unlike the above reference to summer, the rain and storms that poured down on yesterday’s festivities didn’t stop the fun. Here are some snapshots from the picnic:

Dutch, Scott and members of the Knotice team enjoy picnic-time under the tents.

Casey, Matt and Melody enjoying the afternoon

Drink it in! Knotice-sponsored water

Our neighbor, Consolidus, had some great giveaways.

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