Meet Knotice’s Actionable Analytics Team

Did you know that over half of marketers can’t make sense of the troves of customer data they’ve collected? It’s a real problem. According to this eMarketer article, the primary reasons for the trouble include trying to incorporate the data into cross channel campaigns, trying to understand it all, and of course, getting ROI from everything.

Here at Knotice, we rapidly growing our Actionable Analytics practice, helping marketers do more with their data to maximize ROI. The practice is headed by our Director of Analysis and Strategy, Jeff Carey.

Just this week, we announced the addition of several talented individuals on the Actionable Analytics team. Here’s a closer look at our new analytics pros:

Weihua Liu

After spending 10 years at, where she was one of the two founding members of the data mining team, Weihua comes to Knotice as a business intelligence analyst.

“The people at Knotice are smart and nice! It’s nor a common combination of the two virtues. I also love the creativity and flexibility Knotice brings out,” Weihua explained.

When she’s not in the office, Weihua enjoys spending time with her family, sports, movies and music.

Steve Donatelli

Steve joins Knotice from Progressive Insurance where he managed paid search activities for four years. He comes on board as Knotice’s search analyst and team lead.

“I was sold on coming to Knotice by Brian and his vision for continuing to grow the company,” Steve explained. “Through my interactions with Brian, I found someone that understands the digital marketing landscape, and is appropriately positioning Knotice to grow as both a solutions and service provider for digital advertisers.”

In his free time Steve enjoys spending time with his family and friends, golfing, and volunteering with non-profits

Sophia Li

With extensive experience in mining large transactional data and building mathematical models in retail (working with such brands as Victoria’s Secret and Express) and in financial services industries, Sophia joins Knotice as an advanced analytics manager.

“I came to Knotice because I am passionate about optimizing customers’ experience in the digital channel. Knotice is uniquely positioned to solve this leading-edge puzzle because of its proprietary universal profile management system. I feel blessed to be able to work for Knotice and make an impact,” said Sophia.

When she’s not at work, Sophia enjoys spending time with family, photography and hiking.

Welcome Weihua, Steve, and Sophia! Glad to have you as part of the Knotice family.

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