Creative Prowess beyond the Playfulness

Todd FlemingMost often than not, I like to use The Lunch Pail to focus on the fun we have in Knotice’s Creative Services department, including the time we spend during breaks, posing our stuffed animals or playing with our endless supply of toys. And our conversations built entirely around quotes from “The Big Lebowski” with our Pomeranian – you know, our show dog, the one with papers.
Okay, so we don’t have a show dog. Not yet, anyway.

It’s fun to share the antics of the department. I often like to touch on the creativeness behind our creativity because in large part, that’s subconsciously expected from a design team. As designers in an agency-style setting, we’re supposed to be the “cool” department, the one with the funky, laid-back staff.

What many don’t realize is the level of perfectionism we deliver beyond our occasional playfulness. Within the blog, it can sometimes overshadow how seriously we approach every task we’re given, how professional we truly are. That professionalism is the reason why our department is not just considered excellent – we’re also award-winning.

When it comes to interactive digital marketing, our work remains at the leading edge across channels. Our team is extremely proficient – working on everything from email messaging and mobile microsites to site personalization and direct display – handling every aspect of these projects from initial concept to final implementation.

Our work in Creative Service isn’t limited to the aesthetic or front-end aspects of these tasks either. Team members have shown a high-level of aptitude in developing innovative JavaScript, ActionScript and Velocity and .Net backend solutions as well, giving our clients true one-stop creative shopping for more advanced projects.

Creative Services department staff includes (from left): Micah Hatton, Casey Shaulis, Greg Brooks, Amanda Weber, Shannon White, Ron Williams, Matt Sloan, Mike D’Agruma and Sarah January.

You’d be amazed at the work that’s going on behind the scenes here at Knotice. With the number of talented, well-rounded individuals working in this department, one of my goals as Senior Art Director and head of the creative team has been to showcase our wide range of experience and talent. Consider this a little reminder to our friends, clients and customers – our team has the capabilities to deliver full-blown creative solutions beyond what you may expect. Plus, we do so many digital marketing projects so often that we’ve pretty much got it down to a science.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new Creative Spotlight blog series, starting in July. The series will demonstrate the variety of services the Creative Services department offers, showcasing the high degree of skill our designers and developers have shown on some of their more interesting projects.

I’ll also take the opportunity to recognize the designers and developers themselves. After all, people are the ones who solve problems. The exceptional body of work we’ve provided for our clients and customers is the result of hours spent by the Creative Services department on effective design and development solutions.

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