Bringing Sexy Back to Your Emails

Patti RennerMaybe it’s time to pull a Timberlake to bring some sexy back and spice up your email campaigns. Whether you want to shake things up or simply polish off the dullness – here are some ideas to make your campaigns shine. (Shine, yes, and perhaps perform even better.)
Make your next email campaign an “event” – A speaker at IRCE suggested this and I thought it was terrific advice. Your campaign is already planned, so make it exciting. Bring some energy and fun to it. Perhaps have a subject line contest within your organization– do a limited A/B test of the two favorites, then send four hours later the one that wins, with internal recognition to the creator of the winner. Make it a big deal, using email to recharge your office – and your creativity.

Get re-acquainted with your ESP – It may have been a while since you shopped for an email service provider, and they can be an extremely valuable resource. Get back in touch with them. Find out about all the new developments and technology that’s been released since the time you were shopping for services. See if you’re getting the most value from your relationship. For instance, our Concentri platform offers a quick-poll feature already backed into the system, so adding an outside survey vendor could mean money wasted. Get in touch and share what you’re doing with your current approach to email and interactive marketing. Schedule a fresh demo or training session. Chances are you’ll walk away with fresh insights to your old ways of doing things.

See what other successful email marketers do – Every industry category has leaders when it comes to marketing. Find out who is doing things right (looking at industry press and recent creative award winners), who may be similar to you, and sign up for their emails. Learn by seeing what they do and how they do it firsthand. Things like welcome email sequences, image placement, colors schemes, subject lines, amount of copy, number of topics/items, etc. all can be both lessons and inspiration.

Refresh your design – While still maintaining consistency of brand, there are things you can do to spice up the look of your campaigns. One is sourcing fresh images. For instance, if you’ve always used for newsletter images, try switching to or others. Check out the colors soon to be in-market through the Color Marketing Group. Look to the fashion and design industries for inspirations. Consider what other media your customers are exposed to (magazines, television, etc.), and what they respond to best, and pull elements of refreshed design from that. Test and see.

Have some fun with things – Corporate doesn’t have to be stale, and intelligent doesn’t have to be boring. Take a look at your copywriting… see what you can edit or remove to still communicate your message… play with the offer and offer placement… mix it up a bit.

Don’t be a waste of space – Email campaigns compete every day for valuable space in each recipient’s inbox. Don’t be a waste of space, or you risk losing the audience that took such effort to acquire. Taking a step back from the pressure of the next send to see what small steps you can take to enhance your campaigns. Testing tools allow you to explore, and to even reinvent your existing concepts. Use the tools you have, then go with what works best.

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