Unleashing the Power of Mobile Email

Dave LawsonIn our most recent mobile opens report, we noted that 27% of nearly one billion emails opened were opened on a mobile device across numerous business verticals.
For some brands, the number was over 40% of all commercial emails sent.
In today’s highly mobile world, how your brand chooses to (or chooses not to) address mobile behavior can make a big difference. Mobile-optimized email represents a huge opportunity for marketers. Done correctly, it is an inexpensive, reliable and permission-based opportunity to engage with your customers on the go.

Think about it… you can deliver high levels of targeting, personalization, video, activate social, coupon, drive foot traffic, and even transact all from a mobile device.

With well executed mobile email, you can bring much more information about the customer and the context of their visit to the top layer of the experience. This improves the customer experience because they don’t have to enter data, scroll, or zoom, to get the information they need. Making the customer do unnecessary work to get what they need contributes to bounce rates and unfulfilled consumer desires (aka lost business opportunities for brands).

Mobile optimized email isn’t as clutter-busting and immediate as SMS or push notifications (which all potentially have their place in a comprehensive strategy), but when you look at the scale, the cost, the resources, and the known nature of the channel, things start looking pretty compelling. And when you have a multichannel strategy in place with a holistic view of the customer, you can use mobile (and other) behavior to segment, model, and message to your audience across those channels.

You can unleash the power of cross channel with an SMS campaign that triggers emails, emails that drive directly to mcommerce, 2D codes that present content specific to that user, and even opportunistic display ads.

Well done mobile email can help you get more return on your other mobile investments by delivering great experiences and relevant touches at every opportunity. By optimizing the experience at the user level – both for the individual and their device – you can deliver a “win” with every interaction.

Have questions about getting started with mobile email or how you can unleash the power of your cross channel marketing? We can help.

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